Why I love wedding photography

There are so many reasons I fell in love with wedding photography.  The heightened emotions, the people celebrating, the romance, the details big and small.  Everything comes together in one incredible day that perfectly reflects the two people saying, “I do.”

I was not one of those little girls that dreamed of her own wedding.  Of course, I was a bride for halloween once.  Well, technically, a Fairy Princess Ballerina Bride.  It was quite the costume.  But it was never one of my fantasies like it is for so many little girls.  And I think that may be why I have such an appreciation for them as an adult.

It’s not a childhood fantasy like unicorns and fairies and imaginary friends for me.  It’s a reminder of my own wedding day, and those of my friends and family.  It’s about so much more than the details and the venue (although I love those too!), but about the couple getting married.  Their love for each other, their interests, what’s important to them.  And more than anything else, it’s about the promises they’re making to each other in front of those that matter most to them.

And that’s incredibly moving to me.